When we don’t feel enthusiastic in our life, most often, we don’t enjoy enough what we have.

If I’ve a handsome beau, I would be happy.

Your wish comes true, and you start saying if I have a cute baby, I would be so happy.

You have a cute baby, and you start saying I can’t wait to see my baby get this right.

I heard a saying that the Infinite Intelligence won’t bring us what we want if we can’t even enjoy what we have.

My smart handsome beau is very different from me.   A lot of time, I don’t see the impact he has on me. Most often, I just let the time do the magic.  Down the road, his impact on me might help me this way or that way. I don’t know. But I believe. That’s why he’s in my life.  

If you can’t see your life as beautiful as you wish, ask yourself these questions:

1- Do I pay too much attention on the problems and forget to enjoy?

2- What mistakes have I repeatedly made?   I know if I’m upset for the similar things, I’m making the similar mistakes.  I don’t say I’m bad. No, no, no. I don’t criticise myself. But I can be better. Thus I can expand.  What used to bother me won’t bother me anymore.

When we can enjoy what we have and keep growing, our life is surely to have all the good stuff.  If you don’t believe me, do your research on Oprah Winfrey , Meghan Markle, Victoria Osteen or whoever you admire.