What Does It Mean That I Can Do All Things Through Christ?

We all want to live a dream life, don’t we?  

For example: I want a perfect relationship.  I want to have a burning desire at work. The task at work ought to feel like what Goldilock Bear said, “This is just right” for my ability.

“This is just right” shouts out loud in the air.  The most pragmatic people laugh at it. And they feel bizarre when a dream is fulfilled.  “It’s too good to be true”, they say.

Look at this statement, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  
First, what does Christ mean?

To make a long strong short, Christ represents God with us.  “This is just right” is that you are utilized 100% of you, including your emotions, your thoughts, things coming naturally for you but not for others and your learned skills.

But what are you?  You change. You adopt.  You grow. Therefore, it can’t mean ‘the you’ perceived by others.  ‘You’ is the very deep core of you that you use to pull yourself out no matter how bad things get.

Your power can be scaled from the scale of  1-10. When you are at the scale of 10, you’re exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond.  When are at at the scale of 1, all seem hard. When you are at the scale of 5, in one minute you believe in your dream; in the next moment, you doubt your dream.

How to get to the scale of 10?  At the scale of 10, all of your thoughts are consistently 100% align to absolutely LIGHT.  It means no doubt. It means when you hit a setback, you use the energy from the setback for setup.  It means when you see others’ success, you have no doubt that you’re the next. It means that you use the energy from the competitions to climb to the next level.

In martial art, this is called “Tai Chi”.

Happy weekend.  Look forward to seeing all your dreams coming true.