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Ryan Morgan, Monroe, New York

Ryan Morgan, Monroe, New York

Founder - Project SiN Nation

Grace Chang is a woman with a wonderful heart and spirit that is here for you to help
you to unlock challenges in your life and to take the next big step in your journey.
Grace has gone from moving to the United States working at Subway for her first job to living on
a 125-acre ranch today in Texas as a complete master of her time and finances.
It is Grace’s mission to help others to find their ranch or their place of pure continent, appreciation and understanding.
Grace’s services range from Romance, to weight control, overcoming bad habits, and career
empowerment. Grace Change is a woman dedicated to the service of her clients she truly cares
for your situation and will work with you to uncover your hidden potential.
Week 1: In the first week Grace really helped me understand that the negative
circumstances that have happened in my life were all lessons and stepping stones. Very often
she heard me refer to my failures as present facts instead of prior circumstances.
She made it clear to me that if I ever wanted to take the next step in my journey I would have to only allow
positive words to come out of my mind. Grace had me read off some affirmations I prepared
three times over each time ensuring that I spoke with my heart. This was a profound change
that allowed me to make a break through in my life and my business.
Week 2: This week Grace helped me focus on my business approach when speaking to
investors. During the time I was communicating with a high end Venture Capitalist that has
successfully raised over 300 million dollars. During this time, I was very anxious and uneasy
about my strategies but Grace provided me with the balance to deliver value to both the
investor and my company ensuring that I wouldn’t be cut out of the picture like my prior
failures any longer. Since this time I have been an immovable valued fixture within my company
as things ramp up towards our institutional funding.
Week 3: In Week three Grace helped me with relationship issues I was having with my
family. As an entrepreneur very often I am forced to deal with criticism and complaints about
my ambitions and lifestyle.
Grace helped me to become more passionate to the people around me understanding
that their position in life is only out of love for me and my well being.
Grace gave me homework to write down three conflicts in the past that I did not resolve to the best of
my abilities. She instructed me to create new strategies as to how I will deal with future difficult
circumstances so I do not react in a negative fashion the next time. Very often what we
experience is merely a product of how we react.
Grace taught me once again that balance, a level head and appreciation is
the gift that can soften any argument towards love.
Week 4: In Week four I told Grace about how I stood up for myself towards a customer
that hadn’t paid me on time. Once I stood up for myself I felt much better, it was an example of
how Grace has helped me to remain balanced but also stronger in situations where I find myself
uncomfortable. Grace helped me find the courage to finally go out and start seeing women on
dates when previously I was too self conscious due to my work/finance balance.
In the span of four days I went out on more dates than I did in three years! The last date was
by far the best, it was with a woman that I deemed a 10/10 in mind body and spirit. This is
the first time I had ever been so satisfied with myself and the partner I was entertaining,
it has supercharged my efforts towards my business and my desire to make the most out of my life.
This week Grace gave me the homework of giving a random compliment to 5 people.
This really helped me spread positivity into my life which helped attract a new mentor that has been providing me
with solutions for my startup finances.
Week 5: This week Grace was able to help me to uncover a new niche in my business
that resonated more deeply with my skill sets, interests and passions for life.
For so long I had only been looking for jobs for money instead of what I was actually interested in.
Grace helped me discover
a new career path that is 100% congruent with everything that I have been working on.
I have made the shift to work with startup technology companies as a content
creator and growth hacker. Grace has helped me to discover the confidence to pursue this path
when many people have already told me that it would be far too difficult to actually succeed.
Grace made it clear to me that the more I personally can see something and the more that I can
feel it resonate with my heart the faster the desire will appear into my life.
Since making these decisions, I have been completing projects at a rapid rate for the purpose of
delivering value to the marketplace not to make money. In exchange
I have been able to find new partners and mentors that are providing me
with the opportunities that I have been searching for all summer.
It is becoming easier and easier to find an ideal client I’m able to do this all now that I
can clearly see it in my head. Grace has continued to coach and work with me on how to
improve my approach for my business and how I will interact with my customers.
My homework was to create my service package for my new business and to make a list of
the reasons why technology companies need my services.
Week 6: This week Grace helped me with handling objections. I spoke with her about
how there was a potential investor I had been dealing with for weeks but decided to pull a
power play on me at the last minute. Grace reminded me that I am the master and creator of
my universe and if someone doesn’t want to be apart of it then it is their loss.
Here I began to fully understand the value of all my experiences when originally I thought they were struggles
or failures. Grace has taught me how to be in control when dealing with investors and clients
but holding a quite confidence in my voice that I indeed hold the jewels of opportunity. She told
me to always walk away when you can’t get a commitment, it increases my value and shows
that I am a professional. My homework assignment this week was to become a 24/7
cheerleader of love and appreciation for my life, my relationships and my business.
Overall Grace has helped me to truly become a better person.
She has done much more than to help me progress the development of my startup and consulting firm.
She has helped me with my life, my relationships and how I carry myself as a person.
She has truly been able to help me soften my previous limiting beliefs to become a more complete confident man.
While working with Grace:
1) I raised $14,000 for my startup which was used to buy a 259-page patent application
proving that no one in the world can duplicate my technology.
2) I became more confident when dealing with my business partners and investors by
becoming a person that is more capable of delivering value.
3) Went out with a woman that I rated as a 10/10 in mind body and spirit for the first time
in my life. The girl was so attractive that over three dozen people stopped her on the
side of the street just so they could take a picture of her and her dress. I had never been
so confident or proud of myself as a suitable partner.
4) Rediscover my purpose for becoming an entrepreneur by shifting my niche to content
growth hacking for technology startups. For a long time, I would wake up with no focus
on where to start or where to go, now I know exactly what to do with every second of
my life.
5) Partner with an asset manager that’s willing to invest hours out of his day to develop
me a strategy to create a solution for my startup and personal finances for the next five
In closing I would say that having the privilege to be coached by Grace Chang has
truly been a blessing and I would recommend her services to anyone that wants to make
the most out of their lives in mind body and spirit. Grace has become more than a coach
or mentor to me she has become a friend that I can speak to about my troubles or
successes. She has become a mother figure to me that I can reach out to when I am in
search of guidance. Grace is not a woman that is motivated by financial gain, she truly is
someone that is on this earth for the sole purpose of service. Allow her to share more
about her story learn how she has achieved the time and geographic freedom to do this
work that she loves. Allow it to soften you and warm your appreciation towards life and
achieve your truest potential.
Ryan Morgan
Founder- Project SiN Nation
Donna Cowan, Citrus Heights, CA

Donna Cowan, Citrus Heights, CA

Writer. Speaker. Coach

What a great program! Grace Chang at Zag Trans has changed the way I see and handle those annoying problems that are constantly popping up in my life.

I struggled to deal with all the conflict in my life.  I was drowning in fear.  I felt inadequate, attacked, and completely unworthy of success or having anything good or positive.  Facing my deepest insecurities, I felt like giving up completely.  Then I contacted Grace at Zag Trans.
Grace quickly guided me through her easy step by step systemidentifying my actual problems, separating them from my fears of what could happen and  untangling the huge web of defeat that I could not find a way out of, into simple actions.  Logical, calm resolutions to deal with all my conflicts and fears.
This step by step program has transformed how I look at those daily bumps and major hurdles.  I can choose to change my behaviors that kept me repeating the same mistakes, resulting in constant fear and feelings of failure.
Now I see the root of my problems; correctly identify the steps needed; eliminate my toxic attitudes; and feel confident enough to deal with stressful and unpleasant situations.  Knowing that I have a map to a greater, more positive future, has made me more productive.  I no longer dread the problems I’ll face today or tomorrow, because I know I have the tools to cut them down to size.
Thanks, Grace!
Donna Sager Cowan