Are you like most of us who are eager for a happy ending but not comfortable to be in the midst?

I’ve discovered that in the midst can be extremely intimate.  How? No matter what our heart is calling out for, our heart is looking for enjoyment, freedom and growth.  We want to enjoy our relationship/ our work/ our parenting without doing it from the obligation (a feeling that I have to).  

My beau and I fight.  We both are passionate, sensitive, open and stubborn.  I don’t like to fight. I’m sure he doesn’t like to fight, either.  And I don’t encourage everyone to fight. Please don’t read this as an encouragement to fight with each other.  Every romance is different. You’ve got to live your story.

Fighting isn’t pleasant.  And I hope that we are becoming one as soon as possible.  
However, I have to admit that my beau liberates me to be more into ME.  I had (past tense) no idea this could happen. I was so fixed. I had no idea what hid inside my subconsciousness.  When my beau fights against me, he cracks a hole and brings some light in.

I’m more ME.  I feel more alive.  It’s easier to be flexible.  It’s easier to allow others to be themselves around me.  It’s easier to love unconditionally.

Do I know will we be together forever?  I really don’t know. I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.  But I’m thankful that I appreciate today and everything in today.