Have you ever wished that there would be no problems in life.  Everyone was lovely, kind and it’s pretty easy to talk things out.

It turns out this is not quite the case.  More often, we might say something that accidentally pushes a bomb in the other person.  He/she feels hurt and offensive. And we REact to his/her hurt.
Or life sends us a unexpected bomb.

This went on and went.
Then a light bulb switches on.  

How if I have better compassion, will I not feel hurt by him/her?  
What if I embrace my problems, will I have my ship in control instead of being hijacked?

I bet you’ve heard that God won’t give you a problem bigger than you can control.

There are quite a few bonuses coming with it:
1- Instead of feeling rejected, you feel hope.

2- You are more inviting.

3- You make the world around you brighter.  In the other word, your garden is just so much more attractive.

4- The best of all is that your ability somehow magically jump to the next level.  It’s like the problem is a gift not a problem.

I still don’t have all figured out.  And I haven’t found one who has it all figured out.

Rule of the thumb: when you are facing a dilemma, quiet your worry and let hope evolve.