In the middle is painful?  

You want a soulmate and you wonder where your soulmate is?
You want to becoming one with your love partner and you are dealing with glass half-full?

What’s your secret to enjoy being in the middle?

Or perhaps you just go with the flow.  One moment fills with hope. Next moment fills with doubts.
8 years ago, I put a file for doubts in my brain.  Today, I remove the file.

It’s way too much work to doubt.
And it isn’t much fun at all.
There are always a lot of promises.  And there are always a lot of advices.

But you are the one, who is in the middle dealing with ups and downs!!  

I like to create an end product that looks so attractive that it’s fun to keep going.

 If you are looking for a soulmate, image what your soulmate looks like?  What does your best moment look like? What does he look like?

If you are looking to become one with your love partner; image the future him; image the future you.  Image the future you kiss the future him.


Life is beautiful even in the middle.