Can we really understand the other person?

I know I can’t.  Why? All is not what it is- it is always more.  We don’t know why he/she hurts so much. We so eager to prove our work/value.  How could you not see?

When this is the case, frustration and anxiety sink in.

But we are smarter now.  We know that’s going to make it worse.

With great effort, we put ourselves together.  
Walking outside.  

Tree frogs are competing with each other- pick me/ pick me.

The breeze is my favorite; gently whisper all over me.

Blue sky, cotton-like clouds and giggling birds calm our soul.

“Look at the birds.  They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them..  And aren’t you for more valuable to Him than they are? Matthew 6:26”

Allow the person to have his/her space to listen to the Father.  Our heavenly Father knows him/her far more than us. When we have peace and love, it has to resonate.  We’d attract peace and love.

“When?”, you ask.  Now! It’s peace & love.  If now is peace & love. Tomorrow won’t be too bad, will it?

Prayer is such a beautiful matter.  Prayer resonates. When we pray, believe the solution is coming.  Nothing is impossible.  Wow.  Then you can be sure it’s going to be better & better.