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About me

About me

Woodville, Texas

Growing up in Taiwan, a big part of me was very artistic.  But my culture did not encourage the artist in me.  I was trained to do what I needed to do – to be responsible and pay my bills.

I made it through and became a teacher at a public school.  The artistic part of me had so many questions about life that I didn’t know how to present myself when standing in front of my students.  I quit my job as soon as I got my diploma.  Daddy worried about me very much.  I didn’t know I would worry him so much.  Nothing is worse than upsetting someone you deeply love.  For the next five years, I tried everything I knew to fix the relationship.

Life brought me to the United States alone.  Even though it wasn’t easy, the freedom to explore was precious.  For ten years, I was a massage therapist.  I enjoyed it very much.  I could help people ease their muscular pain, and they appreciated me.  It was a job of art and science.

I fell in love.  I moved to the countryside of Texas to be close to my boyfriend.  Woodvillers are often too conservative to try a massage therapist to ease their knee pain / shoulder pain / or to explore the “myofascial release” approach, and Swedish relaxation massage isn’t my speciality.  But I have always had a desire to write a book and help people to embrace their identity.

There is only one of you on earth.  No one is exactly like you.  There’s a purpose to your story.  I would like my story to be a stepping stone for others.  It would be a more joyful world if everyone were confident in their own skin.  I followed my heart.  Twenty-five years have passed, and what I have learned has enriched my life above and beyond.

Tony Robbins said, “The bigger proportion of the unknown you can embrace in life, the happier you will be.”

You are beautiful and unique.  You have to believe it.  No one can design your life for you.  Only you can.

Life is beautiful.