Did you watch 2018 World Cup Final?  It was such a great game. Woohoo!!
I’m watching the United Soccer League.

Both World Cup and United Soccer League are soccer games.  

But the energy, the engagement and the speed are totally different.

This applied to love.

Your love can be bad.  Your love can be so-so.  Your love can be fun and engaged.

This applies to the relationship with God.

     The 1st Grade – you heard there was this God – good and unconditional.

     The 2nd Grade – you faithfully followed His Word.  He gave you a gift you so desired.

Hallelujah.  But it attached to a giant mountain.  Oh, no!!!

     The 3rd Grade – your heart is as pure as a diamond.  You silence your ego. Your heart merges with His heart.  

Do you know what God is?  
God is this pure love.  God is all positive.

A love between a man and a woman is a proportion of this all positive pure love.

There are three levels in human love, as a result:

    The 1st Level – your heart desired it.  He/She stood out in the crowd.

     The 2nd Level – you were together.  But the giant mountains kept pumping up.  Oh, no!!!

     The 3rd Level if you even survive the 2nd Level – the love in you two is the love of God.  You’re his/her priority. You’re the apple of his/her eyes.

What level of love you’re in?