Zag Trans | Strategic Intervention Coach


Applying Strategies

    To Help You

   Hack Dilemmas.


Greetings!  I’m Grace Chang.

What kind of dilemmas are you facing today?

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?

Are you facing the trauma of divorce?

Are you struggling with culture shock?

Have you tried all the weight loss programs but you’re still overweight?

I can help you get back what you want.

Trained by Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, and Abraham Hicks;

I add to that training my father’s personal self-healing techniques.

Join me in healing with my strategic proven system.

I don’t know your story.  I know you have value and a reason to exist.  I hope I have the honor of hearing your story – to help you love more and worry less.  To help you heal.  To help you take steps to reach your goal.

Learn to heal yourself and reach your goals today.

I look forward to talking to you.